Software Development

The healthcare industry is faced with challenges like increased government regulation, e-business challenges, rising patient expectations and demand for lower healthcare costs. These challenges have pushed organizations like never before, into innovating processes using cutting edge technology to deliver projects in weeks or months, not years. Yet, no organization can afford to sacrifice routine application maintenance & application enhancement in order to accelerate the rollout of new systems.

Our experience, in innovative & extensive healthcare business domain knowledge, provides us the niche in targeting this specific alliance and help healthcare organizations manage these challenges. Our focus is to enhance quality of care while lowering healthcare costs.

Austin's software service is an e-business solutions provider with extensive experience in building innovative and creative software applications, management & maintenance of services for healthcare organizations. With well-established standards covering software from design and development through deployment and maintenance and evolving to future platforms, Austin's software services support a full-lifecycle approach to enterprise integration with new enhanced healthcare systems, the key to successful IT. Our services cover multiple operating systems, programming languages, middleware and networking infrastructures, and software development environments.

Our experience includes working with clinical trial systems, lab information systems, solution designs and ranges from integrating EMR and PMS systems to PDA mobile solutions for physicians, including touch screens.

Our Software services, committed to rapidly providing standards, are reflected in our products which provide interoperability, portability and software reuse in the heath care IT market. The needs of healthcare providers & other organizations to build interoperable solutions are stronger than ever.