Information Systems

Management Capabilities

  • Flexible routing based on type, category, classification of incidents
  • Transfers, Allocations, Ownership, Lock, Hold, Reopen, etc
  • Support for Response and Resolution including escalations
  • Ability to relate Incidents with Problems, Changes, Configuration Items
  • Web and Email based call logging
  • Support for multiple teams
  • Web based Audit Log capabilities for Incident history
  • Notifications & Alerts available on Incident state change
  • Web based Reports and Analysis
  • Role based Permission & Access control for data and actions
  • Web based Problem Control and Error Control
  • Support for Root Cause Analysis
  • Support for Change Requests and Configuration issues

Configuration Management

  • Support for Flexible & Extensible Configuration Management Database
  • Ability to relate Assets with Purchase Orders, Annual Maintenance Contracts, Warranties, Vendors etc.
  • Support for pre-defined Asset types like Desktops, Servers, Switches, Routers, Operating Systems, Applications, Firewalls etc.
  • Ability to keep track of changes to assets over a period of time. Audit Log capabilities for Asset history
  • Supports Microsoft® Active Directory based authentication
  • Notifications & Alerts available on change of Asset status, movement etc.
  • Web based Reports
  • Role based Permission & Access control for data and actions
  • Web based centralized management of IT & non-IT assets
  • Track status, history, changes, Problems, incidents, issues for each asset
  • Track Vendors, Maintenance contracts and Warranties
  • Track inventory by asset types like servers, desktops, laptops, routers, switches, links, databases, operating systems, installed applications, etc.
  • Track inventory by owners, end users, projects, departments, locations, buildings, etc.
  • Proactive e-mail alerts on license compliance violations, asset changes, warranty expiry, etc.

Change Management

  • Change Request Logging for End Users, Problem and Teams
  • Support for Build, Test Implementation and Release
  • Support for Change Approvals / Rejections & Authorizations
  • Support for Change Calendar, Notification and Reminders
  • Support for Risk Analysis & Post Implementation Reviews
  • Web based Audit Log capabilities for Change history
  • Notifications & Alerts available on Change status
  • Role based Permission & Access control for data and action